rachel matthews

Banker-turned-writer, Rachel's is unlike your typical writer's story.


Her life has been a rollercoaster, quite literally, starting her early work-life at a family theme park on the south coast and has worked her way up to the ivory tower in Canary Wharf. 


With her law degree in hand, Rachel had thrown herself into the world of fighting financial crime for six years. After chasing promotions and exhausting her focus, she encountered burnout and asked herself, Is this what I really want to do with my life?  She was an Associate Director at the global headquarters of a top tier bank in London when she made a bold move - she ditched the corporate life to start her own creative venture.


Surprising herself, she walked away from her corporate career on a Monday afternoon in 2018 without a plan, only knowing one thing, she would pursue more meaningful projects.


Rachel’s transition from a corporate job to a creative career is what spurred her to create the interview series, Corporate 2 Creative. She aims to help those wishing to make a similar change — handing back their corporate identity badge to prioritise creativity and fulfilment.


The Corporate 2 Creative series serves as a tool for anyone changing careers seeking inspiration from bold decisions makers — you may be working towards a more creative job, beginning in a new industry, building a business, or even working on a side project.


Rachel's guests provide fresh, honest insights into the process of change as they explore the impact it has on one's wellbeing, identity, and perception of success, as well as examining how to make a start in unknown territory.


Rachel also collaborates with boutique brands to provide content and copywriting that communicates a clear sense of personality through their brand story, as well as producing regular blog content for increased client engagement.


facilitator - interviewer - podcast host

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